How to Transfer ICICI Home Loan Balance in 2023

Your current home loan balance can be transferred from one lender to another through a process known as a balance transfer. If you can discover a lender who offers better conditions or a cheaper interest rate than your present lender, this can be an excellent alternative.

Customers of ICICI Bank have access to a balance transfer option for their home loans. We will walk you through the procedure for transferring your ICICI home loan balance in this article.


ICICI Home Loan Balance Transfer Eligibility Requirements

For an ICICI home loan balance transfer to be approved, you must:

  • Be an existing ICICI Bank customer
  • Have a valid home loan account with another lender
  • Have a good credit score
  • Have a minimum outstanding balance of Rs. 50,000

To apply for a balance transfer on an ICICI home loan, the following paperwork is needed:

  1. Copy of your PAN card
  2. Copy of your Aadhaar card
  3. Latest salary slip
  4. Latest bank statement
  5. Property documents (sale deed, title deed, etc.)
  6. No objection certificate (NOC) from your current lender

Interest Rates and Terms

Your credit score, the transfer amount, and the loan’s length will all affect the interest rate and terms of your ICICI home loan balance transfer.

How To Transfer ICICI Home Loan Balance

Your ICICI home loan balance transfer procedure is as follows:

  1. You can apply for a balance transfer online or at an ICICI Bank location.
  2. Send in the necessary paperwork.
  3. Consult your current lender for the NOC.
  4. Your application will be evaluated, and ICICI Bank will decide.
  5. If your application is accepted, your current lender will transfer the balance to ICICI Bank.

Benefits of Transferring Your Home Loan Balance to ICICI Bank

Transferring your home loan balance to ICICI Bank has a number of advantages, including:

  • Lower interest rates: For balance transfers on home loans, ICICI Bank provides competitive interest rates.
  • Better terms: ICICI Bank might provide you with a loan with better terms, including a longer term or a cheaper processing charge.
  • Convenience: You have a choice of transferring your home loan balance online or in person at an ICICI Bank location.
  • Assurance: You may relax knowing that the lender handling your home loan is a reputable one.

How to Apply for a Balance Transfer on an ICICI Home Loan


Online or in person at an ICICI Bank location, you can apply for an ICICI home loan balance transfer.

Visit the ICICI Bank website and select the “Home Loan” tab to submit an online application. Click the “Balance Transfer” link after that. Before submitting your application, you must first give some essential information about yourself and your loan.

Visit the ICICI Bank office that is most convenient for you to apply in person there. You’ll get assistance from the banker with the application process.

Transferring the remaining balance on your ICICI home loan will help you save on interest costs. If you’re thinking about transferring a balance, make sure to research the interest rates and terms provided by various lenders before deciding.

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